At Jovian Design, we blend innovation, research and genuine passion for helping others to deliver consistently stunning user experiences that bridge the gap between technology and consumer.

Our focus is on solving real-world problems and we aren’t afraid to get our hands dirty. Drawing on innovative, research-backed ideas and our own treasure chest of inspiration, we create custom-tailored UX/UI solutions, tailored to the real problems of real people.

Who we are

At Jovian Design, we stand behind our motto: technology second, people first. This doesn’t mean we cut corners when it comes to the fidelity of our UX/UI solutions, but rather, we develop these with your end users in mind. We are passionate about innovation but we pour our hearts and hard work into the very projects that make life easier and the world around us – better. By relying on evidence-based practices and research, we develop custom-tailored solutions that engage, inspire and empower humans.


UX/UI solutions for humans

We have teamed up with large and small corporations alike, worked on government contracts and helped non-profit engage their audience. We thrive on creating good experiences in Salesforce environments where users may be stuggling. With the help of UX and UI best practices and innovation, we make the impossible possible and provide future-proof solutions that change the world. Take a look at some of our success stories.


Our inspiration treasure chest

At Jovian Design, we are powered by innovation. We love nothing more than to pursue innovative goals and make creative ideas happen. Take a look at some of our successful experiments: the universe is boundless and so is our imagination!

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